After some training with the Celiac-Disease Society (AIC) and regular contacts with their tutor, we know how to deal with that specific problem and we offer a large range of gluten-free dishes. Our menu has symbols to tell you wether the dish is already gluten-free or can be prepared especially for you. You will be offered a special gluten-free bread plate which is also home-made and, some say, quite delicious. We are also very cautious about other food-related problems, such as allergies or intollerances. The foods we use are certified gluten-free.
Please always advise us in advance of your specific needs, as only we know exactly every ingredient of your dishes.
Precautions in the kitchen: separate instruments and pans, separate water to cook the gluten-free pasta, hand washing everytime we manipulate gluten-free food, different plates so as not to confuse dishes.

As far as allergies are concerned, we recommend that you advise us immediately about any allergy/intollerance you suffer. In application of EEC rules 1169/2011, A BOOK OF ALLLERGENS is ready for you on our premises, in which all foods containing allergens are listed.